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Italy 2018 Registered Participants

Eva Bell

Steve and Mona Bolden

Michael and Suzanne Burnette

Maxine Cargle

Edie Chambless

John and Yvette Clifton

Carol Collins

Bobbie Creek

Larry and Linda Edwards

Judy Fannon

Diane Farmer

Robert and Barbara Garrett

Timothy Ghorley

Howard and Traci Hamilton

Regenia Kent

Susie Lackey

Jay and Michelle McCluskey

Julie McCluskey

Megan McCluskey

Becky McKinney

Rebecca McKinney

Gloria Magness

Owen and Denise Melroy

Brenda Michael

David and Carol Owens

Becky Pargeon

Margie Parker

Holli Pruiett

Janice Rose

Aaron and Samantha Sapp

Ed Sharp

John Sharp

Debbie Smith

Jean Tucker

Ann Vandergriff

Sheila Vaughn

Minnie Watson

Willie and Sandy Williams


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