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Italy 2018 Flight Information

Departure 11/2/18

Delta 2157 12:10 pm from ATL  arriving 2:30 pm JFK

Delta 418  6:15 pm from JFK   ARRIVING ITALY  7:05 am MXP (Milan)

Departure 11/14/18

KLM 1602 12:55 pm from FCO (Rome) arriving 3:30 pm AMS (Amsterdam)

KLM 621 4:50 pm from AMS ARRIVING USA 8:20 pm ATL


2 thoughts on “Italy 2018 Flight Information

  1. Michelle is the firm flight schedule? My room mate and I ( Edie Chambless) would like to be picked up in Cartersville,Ga. Need the pick up time. Looking forward to traveling with you and Jay again.Will Quest send me a statement if I need to pay more.I know I thought that I figured the right total after Edie said she would be my roommate.Maxine Cargle

    1. Maxine, Great to hear from you! It is hard to believe we will be in Italy in less than 11 weeks! In response to your questions, the flight schedule posted is correct to date. We will be sure to share any changes made by the airlines if and when they may occur. Jay is preparing a coach pick up schedule that will be mailed out and posted to the website this week. You should have received your final statement from Quest recently. If the balance is different from your calculations, please let us know. We will be happy to promptly clear up any discrepancy. Ciao! Michelle

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